Meet the girls


    Mak and Jill have been friends since seventh grade. They both were lucky to have creative mamas who encouraged their artistic sides. 

  They have 45 years experience between the two of them upcycling furniture, creating works of art, styling and interior design. They have a beautiful store "The Abode" - located on Avenida Del Mar in downtown San Clemente, where you can find their upcycled furniture, unique finds, and so much more.

They are stockists of Chalk Paint® decorative paint and offer furniture painting workshops, teaching others what they have learned over a lifetime.






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MaK & JiLL Have Moved!!

Okay - It's hard to believe that the last time I blogged was October 21st!  I really shouldn't point that out.  Hopefully you have noticed!  And been wondering!  "What is going on with Mak & Jill?"  "I need my posts from Mak & Jill!".  Of course you have!

Well - we have been busy behind the scenes getting our new store "The Abode" ready!!!  Yes - our very own store!!                                                    

Just 2 years ago Marjee and I decided to start doing what we love - so we created a bunch of fabulous furniture and art and accessories and took them to space KK13 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market and started selling.  We got a great response and have been going strong ever since!  We have had HGTV hosts buy our stuff, Reality T.V. shows interview us for pilots, books and magazines ask to use photos of our beautiful creations.  We have found success in doing what we love!  And now, less than 2 years after "giving it a go", we have opened the doors to our dream come true - a fabulous retail space of our very own!                                                                                                

We opened the doors to our store in a historic "Ole Hanson" Spanish home in down town San Clemente, CA on Avenida Del Mar.  It is filled with beautiful and interesting things, and everyone is loving it! 


So - there is a little preview.  Come on in and let us know what you think!  


Welcome to Mak & Jill

This is Mak & Jill's first time as vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.  We had so much fun, and now are permanent vendors at space kkk13 - wayyyyyyy in the back of the antique/vintage section.  Where all the good stuff is!  Come find us there every second Sunday of the month.